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Possible DDDM3 delay + rips + everyone alive ?

2009-09-17 09:09:56 by HyperGumba

Hey there guys.

So yeah,I will have to admit that DeDeDe´s Minions 3 will probably take some more time than expected. Since I am in the 11th grade now classes get really though and we will write a lot of exams until Christmas, two on each of the main subjects (German,English,Math,Latin) and one on the other ones I wanted to try harder on (Physics and History). Especially Latin will be fucking hard to get at least a D like it seems,so I will have to spend some of my time on learning grammar (which sucks).
I don´t know exactly how long it will take me to animate this episode since I planned it to be even longer than episode 2 and I will have to do some other stuff (real life etc.) . But I promise I try to work on it and maybe release some other stuff (like a small project for Halloween) while I am at it.

But I am not resting my lazy ass all the time,I indeed prepare to animate as soon as possible. Custom sprites are already made for the new characters (and I will add some new ones to the old ones) and I am good going with the whole sprite rip thing. Since no one decided to help me on tSR about the KSSU foregrounds and I still don´t get how proper ripping on the DS works, I decided to rip the ones from KNiD. I already ripped all the foregrounds from the 2nd world and posted all my stuff in this thread. I will keep on ripping those foregrounds because they could be useful for every sprite animator. They are all free for use,just give credit to me.

What happened actually to all the voice actors from DDDM2 ?
Some of them are already working on their parts for the sequel,but some guys didn´t even come back on me which is kinda worrying me. I will use my ToDo list again and I will try to contact the guys who didn´t respond via e-mail since they don´t seem to check their inbox regularly.

Phil: Just finally got me a high quality mike,and I amworking on recording them.
Ike: Same here.
DeDeDe: I heard Neo-Fusion is working on it.
Metaknight: He will use my mic ,too, since his last one was horrible.
Swordknight: He is gonna record his lines at my house too. High quality ftw.
Sir Randy Kibble: No reply. Meh. I better send him an e-mail.
Takeshi: Uhm... I dunno if I got something back from him,but I will contact him again.
Rocky: Since Rina is busy doing a lot other stuff I know that she never checks her PM´s. Better E-mail.
Sheldon: Uhm,not quite sure,gotta check him,but I think he said he will do it.
Tac: Asked him and he will do it soon.
Allen: Same like with Phil.
Leo: D-Mac didn´t reply yet. But when I look at his last newspost I think he is rarely on NG.
Hank: I better check my e-mail again,I forgot ...
Spencer: Congrats to Budge007,he´s done all his lines some weeks ago.

The animation:

Preloaderscreen: Done
Main menu/Scene selection: will be remade
Scene1-9: No.
Credits: Same with all other scenes.
Bonusscenes: Nah.
Extra material: Nope.

For those who would like to know what the story of DDDM3 is about: Here is the name of episode three. Guess what it willbe about.

Well,there is not much more to say now. Cheers.

Possible DDDM3 delay + rips + everyone alive ?


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2009-09-20 09:28:38

Muhahahaha ya I win!

HyperGumba responds:

Ya...ya... I need to hurry.
But I am sick currently and can´t record a thing T___T"


2009-09-19 19:10:29

sorry pc lagged XD

HyperGumba responds:

oh gawd Imma goin to dai


2009-09-17 22:18:58

will vote 0 if sprite movie sry

HyperGumba responds:


Seriously,I don´t care anymore. (I do,but I learned to hide my emotions. Wait a sec...)


2009-09-17 21:15:33

sent you a pm

HyperGumba responds:

got your PM :D


2009-09-17 19:35:55

Great, at least you make a big progress.

HyperGumba responds:

Yeah. I just hope those rips will be of use for others instead of just me.


2009-09-17 19:03:16


HyperGumba responds:



2009-09-17 15:54:24

will delay
but u will do :D
(front page post ftw)

HyperGumba responds:

Err,commenting much,don´t you? ;3


2009-09-17 15:53:18

will delay
but u will do :D
(front page post ftw)

HyperGumba responds:

Fuck yay :3
I actually thought noone is going to comment...
I was wrong <3


2009-09-17 14:48:45

Good luck :P

HyperGumba responds:

Well thanks Sir. :3