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Art Portal is corrupted ... by DICKS!?!

9/6/09 by HyperGumba
Updated 9/6/09

I can´t believe it.
If Tom see´s THIS he is going on a rampagne.
And Egoraptor has been hit ,too...

I guess it´s official that we are now fucked.

I delted the gay porn screenie in case someone who knows it saw it ._."


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Wait a movement that was because a group of hackers use Egoraptor´s account to unscout art and submit porn



LMAO is Meatwadsprite somehow involved with this?

That's fucking rich. What a chode!

9/11/09 HyperGumba responds:

I received the word that he is their new leader now,yes.
He even announced this in a newspost...

Egoraptor and Canas was hit yes.
But the DD (duck Division) took over the 2 mods and filled the art with gay porn

9/10/09 HyperGumba responds:

Yeah. I bet some potential new members of NG were scared for life when they saw the frontpage...



i hate porn

9/9/09 HyperGumba responds:

Well,I like it,as long as it doesn´t contain men fucking each other :3

rampagne ?

9/8/09 HyperGumba responds:

did I spell it wrong ? °w°



"Why does everyone laugh about cock jokes?"

Muhaha u c wat i did ther?

9/7/09 HyperGumba responds:

Omg it´s Phil's first line in DDDM2 lolwtf

the duck (dick) division is the gayest so far.

9/6/09 HyperGumba responds:

HG approves.



They made me to hate all the ducks in the world

i'm so saaaaad

9/6/09 HyperGumba responds:

sadface :´(



Sign my Petition to stop the Duck Division Please

9/6/09 HyperGumba responds:

I would be glad to,but what will it help?

Who says NG wasn't always fucked, fucked up I mean

9/6/09 HyperGumba responds:

Fucked up yes,but totally screwed in the ass is kinda new.

Damn u dick cheny O no wait those dicks

9/6/09 HyperGumba responds: