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Here's a touching story.

2014-04-21 14:23:38 by HyperGumba

A long, long time ago, there was a kid on the internet. He enjoyed wasting his time watching quirky cartoons and soon stumbled across Newgrounds and, soon enough, he ended up partaking in the making of his own videogame sprite flash parodies. He did a few of them and they were doing okay, until the day that this kid found a new obsession: An obsession over Japanese bullet hell shoot'em'ups featuring little girls in frilly dresses and silly plots! And soon enough this kid had vanished from this very website I am typing on.

And, as you likely may have already guessed, this here is the very kid from back then I am refering to.

Good lord, how long has it been now? Three years since the last news?

Five years since the last episode of DeDeDe's Minions, and even longer since the actual last full episode? How in the mother of fudge did time pass by so fast?!

First of all (which comes only now, strangely, considering I put a piece of crappy literature right in the beginning of this post) I feel the need to apologize to a whole lot of people for never having ever replied to their mails and messages ever again, and to the two or, optimistically speaking, three people who have been looking forward to the third actual instalment of DeDeDe's Minions.

Now I know what you are thinking! Fuck you, man! Or perhaps a hardly amused snort about seeing me back in this place. You may be one of these guys who submitted their voice clips back in the day and then never heard of me again! And if you are one of these people who are hoping that by the end of this newspost you may find a url hidden somewhere, in this post's subtext, which leads you to a brand new installement of the series, then I am really sorry to break it to you, dear patron, but your hope is in vain.

It's probably a little weird to see me back here and posting this, some may be thinking, and I would fully agree. I didn't quite see it coming myself. But when I and my sister had recently watched some old shit we saw back in the day on the internet, and when I say shit I really mean literal Youtube Poops, my sister was suddenly reminded of another wonderful thing of our past, which was this very series I have been making back in the day - with the help of many others, naturally speaking.

Then, we decided on the best course of action we could think of! Which was reviewing all of the things we had done back then on Newgrounds all over again. And I have to say, GOOD LORD, this was a horrifying, yet oddly charming trip back to the past, I tell you.

We started with the first episode, logically, with it being the glorious start of the series, and, my goodness, I haven't cringed so hard for a while. The animation? The voice acting? The writing, plot, and everything else? I can't even find a way to describe it, it was this abyssmally horrifying. Now to be fair, aside from one little project I had never finished in the first place for the lack of a plot to go by, DeDeDe's Minions 1 was my very first Flash project, and dear man, it does look like it. The animation was unsalvageable, though again, kind of a first time for me, there was no decent mic around when we did this, the dialouges, and the entire plot... was disgracefully bad, given the fact how I hardly spoke English before we had it in our secondary school classes. I've literally sunk into my sofa in shame when I listened to what I wrote up back in the day. To see what innocent (not quite little) me had considered good plot back in the day gave me goosebumps, and uncontrollable laughter while at it. I was literally shaking when I saw this!

Moving onto "Into the Spring Breeze" we both had noticed right away the obvious amount of improvements! Everything looked so much cleaner, less choppy, even the sound was actually sort of bearable! To me at least, some reviewers certainly knew how to differ. My writing had also improved back then... somewhat. It was still pretty cringe-worthy, but I have to admit that I found it had some enjoyable moments, such as the intro sequence when Meta Knight had a briefing with DeDeDe. All in all, it was pretty okay, and certainly a vast improvement to what abominable piece of moving spritework I had manifested with the first episode.

Then, the one that I am admittedly the most proud of was the Nightmare special. I probably have posted about it years ago and even the episode itself mentions the circumstances I have made this special episode under - which was, animating this entire thing within two weeks, to meet the Halloween deadline, it even made it's way into the Halloween '09 Collection! There is not that much to say, other than that I am pretty content with how this turned out, despite the tight deeadline.

I would review DeDeDe's Minions Abroad, but you know the catch, there is none yet! Other than that one scene I have uploaded as a preview before a few years ago, but this doesn't count. I really wish I could find the drive to finish this episode and finally give the few people who found enjoyment in this series the thing they were waiting for all these years - but as you have noticed, I don't find the time! I have moved onto a buttload of other things to waste my precious free time with and while I really want to resume it, and I really should have enough drive to carry on considering how many people wanted to see the sequel for such a ridiciulous amount of time, it is really hard to get back into the swing.

Other than these distractions, which span from other hobbies over my education and to my part-time job, there would be a few other issues I'd have to resolve at first.

First thing would be, getting back in touch with voice actors and see if they are still interested in appearing in DDM3, SHOULD it ever come out at some point. I would understand if they wouldn't want to partake in this anymore - I mean, reviewing the previous episodes I could kinda see why a mature mind would try to distance themselves from this thing. It was pretty immature, after all. And, well... see if they can still forgive for having let them hanging for so long. I actually tried to look up a few VA's already, and I saw that some of them haven't been to Newgrounds forever... Reaching them may be a challenge, but it's worth a try I guess. In the worst case scenario I'd have to replace all the old actors with new ones, which would be pretty sad, but that's my loss. (and a terrible waste of nice voice material, since the lines had all been already submitted)

The second issue! Well, maybe not quite an issue, but reading through the script I wrote up for DDDM3 back in the day, I noticed how much - and here it comes again, the word 'cringe', is contained in it again. By no means in terms of pointless dark- and edginess, I had evidently decided to move away from that stuff with Episode 2 after the very first one had a random uzi and murder all over the place, but it still makes me realize just how underdeveloped my ability as a writer was. See, I have spent a lot of time the last few years writing, and seeing this now in 2014, I think I could do better than that. I likely won't alter the entire thing in a heartbeat, but should it be the case that none of the old voice actors can be contacted/are not interested in partaking in Abroad anymore, I could see myself rewriting this thing, to, err... fit my standards of nowadays, I guess. Other than that, there is nothing else that should be keeping me from things, other than the obvious things like real life and other, private projects, of course.

I should probably end this post at this point! There are a lot of details about why exactly I was absent, and I am still not sure when I will finish - or if I ever will finish this episode in the first place, but I feel it was only fair to give a bit of a report after such a long time. This nostalgia really hurts, 'specially when it makes you realize just how much you left behind.

If anyone of the other artists who used to be involved with this series, or with me in general reads this... Sorry again, guys.


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